You’ve waited patiently, players.


You’ve gone on those late night jogs and Netflix’d Field of Dreams again and again; you’ve played catch until your hands were sore and lovingly restored that old ball glove you’ve had kicking around since high school. And now, your wait is over: The 23rd Annual Bay Street Children’s Foundation Softball Challenge is back!
The kick-off for our flagship event is Friday, June 21st, 5PM at Pick 6ix Sports (33 Yonge St.). Then, get your rest or stay out till the crack of dawn – but the tournament starts at 8AM Saturday morning at our old battleground, Riverdale Flats


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Now, for some business. There are four ways to participate in the Tournament:
Captains: You know who will lead you to victory so start assembling: LETS DO THIS – REGISTER MY TEAM
No team? No problem. You can still help raise funds for an incredibly worthy cause: I WANT TO DONATE
Know a player and want to sponsor them? Got you covered, too: I’LL SPONSOR A PLAYER


Want to get your company a bit of visibility while helping make this a fabulous event? SPONSORSHIP OPTIONS, PLEASE! And why, you ask, are we doing this? Thanks to your generosity, help and support over the past 23 years, the Bay Street Children’s Foundation has raised over $3,000,000 for children in need and their families. We have contributed heavily to Holland Bloorview Foundation in support of their programs to help children with special needs and their families; we’ve sponsored scholarships through the Childrens Aid Foundation; we continue to support countless charities and those who rely on them to provide a better quality of life.That is why we do this – and that is also why we need your continued support, to continue what we started for those who need us.Stay tuned for more info in the weeks ahead and see you on the field.




The BSCF Gang